Services We Offer

We provide management and technical services including analysis, planning, hardware and software evaluation, system design, custom programming, training and support.

RAM has extensive experience in establishing communication links between remote office sites. Online inquiry, data transfer, and online support have been developed for clients.

System Design
RAM can guide the development of a design solution for your requirement. We will use our expertise to describe the workflow, estimate transaction volume, project growth, identify hardware requirements, and define screen formats and report layouts.

Software Customization
RAM has developed software for a large variety of applications including air freight management, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, transportation systems, educational administration, general accounting, financial and investment services, property tax management, municipal utility billing, payroll and insurance. These new software systems are written utilizing advanced relational database management systems that provides hardware independence and ensures long-term protection for your software investment. Technical documentation describing the custom software is always included.

Site preparation, hardware setup, software installation, conversion assistance, training, and support are all a part of the comprehensive system implementation services provided by RAM.

On-site training is available to ensure efficient management and use of the computer system.

A combination of telephone, on-site, and online support enable RAM to provide ongoing assistance to ensure the continued efficient use of the computer system.